When your 15 yr old daughter is with you during the Summer, you can sometimes feel that she would rather be with “mom”.  I understand that. And, although it gives a bachelor a little more time on his hands than expected – I try and embrace the opportunity.  For whatever reason, however, I’m a little on edge at the beginning of this Summer, and well, I guess my daughter is picking up on it.

After being an educator for the past 8 years there is something about this “teaching” thing, and having more time than resources; that I definitely don’t embrace.  Anyway from the time I wake up when my girl is with me, already spinning my wheels as to how to create those magic Father Daughter moments that Hollywood has assured us, lie just around every corner, Anxiety is present

Today was one of those days.  And, there was hope.  We actually did the food shopping together the yesterday, to assure that there would be things she liked to eat in the house.  As a result, I made a fresh fruit smoothies of cantelope, bannana, blue berries and a little peach yogurt, that was – “To die for…”  And, the “Teen” embraced it, as she emerged from her bed around11:15am and quickly burrowed back into her bedroom, at approximately 11:17.

It was a little after 2:00pm, when she emerged again with a question….”Can we go fishing? You know over by that boat ramp, where we always used to fish!?”  One thing that I have to say is endearing, is my observation that the the kids  seem to remember good times as something that have occurred  multiple times – whether it happened once or a dozen times!  This certainly takes the pressure off  creating a tradition over every good time ever experienced!

So, we went for the “cultural trip” to Walmart, where I knew that we could find a fairly simple, minimally priced fishing rod or a reasonable facsimile there-of.  We also found a bag of ” Dehydrated Wounded Shad” which we just had to have, complete with fake blood or something, that was supposed to make them look yummy to the lake fish… After the six pack of Coke, total cost of materials $24.00; time spent with my daughter…Priceless. – –


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