Cute…. You think I’m Cute!?


Alright, lets just set the record straight, and I’ve learned the hard way.  There is something not right about women calling a man over a certain age, let’s just say 50 …  – “Cute”.  A baby can be cute.  Almost all small animals can be said to be cute.  A Middle School boy who doesn’t yet know “Shit from Cheyanne”, but has “the smile” or something, can be cute (to the girls, that is).  All kinds of girls canbe and are cute.  However, guys with withered brows, slightly sagging jowels, lots of wrinkles around the eyes, thinning (if not worse!) hair, should not, cannot, and will not be genuinely called “Cute”!

Cute, used for someone in the stage of life whereby these attributes (among others, love handles, “pouch tummy” come to mind), by a woman… (this is strictly a hetero conversation, for the time being, whew!) is, I would argue inappropriate.

The inappropriateness is camoflouged by an otherwise endearing adjective, “Cute”.  I maintain that if a guy is being referred to as cute, in the stage of life where the above mentioned characteristics are present, then the onlooker and the giver of said compliment, is actually saying.  There is something endearing about this person, but…. “Oh, by the way, there are major flaws in this picture.”

Guys, do not be hood-winked into thinking that when one refers to you as cute, that you are home free.  This is to be understood, by only the “intellectually superior”, as  –  a left handed compliment.  Being called cute, either in writing or conversation, could be analagous to a woman saying…. “He has potential.”  It is I believe, in hindsight, the proverbial 10 ft. pole.  Calling a guy over 50 yrs old cute, leaves a huge buffer in the woman’s mind within which to find flaws – – before committing all of her feminine charms and defenses.   While leading the prey closer to the web, the prey is inspected every inch of the way for structural, emotional, character, familial, financial and frivolous flaws, that could doom any long term relationship.

Yes, and the danger of hearing such a left handed compliment from a woman, guys, is a little bit like the danger of the Mermaid Sirens of Greek Mythological Tragedy (or is it Roman?).  One may be lured into over reaching your comfort zone in order to encourage more such compliments or interactions.  Over reaching your natural appeal in nature is a sure way to “squash” your appeal in the eyes of the opposite sex.  One need not be anything more than one is, and although the excitement of romance may be on the threshold,  – we must let it come to us, rather than pursue it 😉




2 comments on “Cute…. You think I’m Cute!?

  1. Ann says:

    Brings to mind Rudolph in the Christmas special. “Cute, she thinks I’m cute”!! and leaps into the air, flying. All this after the lovely doe Clarice whispers those magic words into his ear. Guess it does not work that way for men, huh? As a female about your age, I have to admit I may have used the c word in trying to be diplomatic about a less than lovely exterior. I can almost always find something in a man’s features that stand out as handsome, and I tend to focus on those when describing his appearance, thus avoiding the “cute” phenomena. .

  2. maui4456 says:

    Yes, At ‘Rudolph’s” time of life, being told one was cute! was the pinnacle. This would have sent the male of any species to try and lead Santa’s Sleigh!!

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