1 step forward 2 steps back….

Ok, Summer is here.   The goal of providing some paramaters and structure to the daily routine of my somewhat indifferent, and at the same time, very creative 15 year old daughter – – are no longer on the drawing board.  It is now a reality.  One of the projects to be undertaken was to instruct, model, and then see the fruits of my labor born,  with the routine use of the clothes washing machine.

As I began paving the way for, what- for you and me, would be the mundane task of running of a load of laundry; I knew that this would not be the case for my daughter – in her current state of mind.  This current state of mind by the way has been incubating since roughly December of 2011.  As her Dad I am thoroughly engrossed in the the “Watch” to see when the proverbial butterfly emerges, from this cocoon – encompassing a wonderful human being with a frontal lobe currently filled with, what can only be described as “scrambled eggs”.

The dialogue started something like this, Day -2 …”Honey, when you get a chance, I’d like to see you grab the clothes in your hamper, and put’em in the top of the washing machine.”  The next day, taking into account the anticipated inaction of the day before.   I subtly worked into the conversation that, “The washer is really all ready to go, so after you put your things in we can just put the soap in and away we go!…:)”  On “D-Day”… “Honey I think your hamper is full, so let’s bring the whole thing out, dump it into the washer, pour the soap in,  and run the machine (still smiling and upbeat)!”

As my patience was paying off, and I was able to remotely give the last instructions – from my post, sitting  in front of my pc, acting as nonchalant, as possible.  I relayed ” Now, honey don’t try and stuff everything in if it doesn’t fit easily… we just want the machine comfortably full – – it doesn’t like like to be jammed full…”  “How much detergent?” came the reply.  “Just up to the line in the cap!… you may have to turn the light on to see the faint line.”   Then just turn the dial to regular, and pull it out… Great Job!” (anticipatory, in Sales we’d call it an “Assumed Close” 🙂 And, following 2 + days of cajoling, the job was done, and all were feeling quite pleased with themselves.

It was only 10 minutes later when walking into the kitchen, adjacent to the laundry room in our rather “cozy” apartment; when with my bare feet, I was startled to have stepped in a rather small, and innocuous little puddle in the middle of the floor.  I cleaned it up wondering which of the numerous water bottles, I have opened on and around kitchen counter tops (Summertime remember), I had clumsily spilled a bit of??   The washing machine is humming merrily away.  A couple of minutes later the 15 year old “yelps” “Ooh!, hey Dad, there’s a little puddle of water here, giggle.”  (referring to the same spot where I had just cleaned up my puddle!).

My mind now knowing that something is not quite right, went through it’s menu  of possible reasons… and upon further review of the evidence, which the teenager so considerately left for me, a stream of water was detected coming from under the laundry room door. “Uh, Oh…” I said.

Sure enough, my daughter had stuffed the the washer “to the Gills!” , no place for the water to go…. and I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.  I will also leave you to consider just what the past 6 months living with this little adult- to be, may have been like:)


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