When you are alone…


When you are lonely, you have time on your hands….

When you have time on your hands, you look for things to do that you ordinarily would not do…

When you do things you ordinarily would not do, you kill time in a pub, waiting for your daughter to finish babysitting, on a Thursday afternoon.

When you are Sitting in a pub on a Thursday afternoon, you talk to anyone because you are friendly….

When you talk to anyone in a pub on a Thursday afternoon because you’re friendly,  they are friendly in return….

When you are friendly in a pub on a Thursday afternoon, sometimes you have a “neon sign on your forehead that says – “Sucker”.

When you have a sign that says “Sucker” on your forehead, you get invited to meet with someone to talk about a business opportunity.

When you get invited to talk about a business opportunity by someone you haven’t seen in a year, you say yes.

When you say yes to,  hear about a business opportunity, you get up on a Saturday morning feeling productive.

When you go to  a “business opportunity” meeting  on a Saturday morning… you inadvertently pick a meeting place, where lots of people who may know you are walking buy…

When people you may know are walking buy, and you are at a business opportunity, the meeting turns out to be a “cheesy” Network Marketing opportunity.

When you realize the opportunity is a “cheesy” Network Marketing opportunity…it’s too late…

When it is too late, the presenter is in his Spiel and –  you don’t want to stop him…

When you don’t want to  stop him in the middle of his Spiel, he is speaking inappropriately loud!…

When the “cheesy”, inappropriately loud, Network Marketing presenter  is speaking , a line builds right next to the outside table you’re sitting at…

When the Spiel is too loud, and the opportunity is inappropriate, and the line builds- you are chagrinned.

When you are chagrinned, you are embarrased but you let the spiel go on, out of courtesy….. and the line gets larger and people are now looking and listening.

When all is said and done, you have wasted your time, humbled yourself, perhaps embarrassed yourself… taken a step backwards  instead of forwards, relived all the network marketing spiels you’ve been to…Amway, Arbonne, Juice Plus, ACN …..(actually only been to 2, but approached by many more…)

When you have wasted your time, been chagrinned, humbled, and perhaps embarrassed – you walk away shaking your head…. Oh, well 🙂


One comment on “When you are alone…

  1. Ann says:

    “When you give a mouse a cookie…”
    Politeness is not a requirement for sales pitches. Though I have endured the same out of not wanting to be rude. My time is my time, it really is a shame for me to allow someone else spend it for me.

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