Sometimes you “gotta do what you gotta do”…

First of all thanks to the friend, who posted this on my FB wall early this morning.  I don’t think you knew how “spiritual” this image could be for me (tongue in cheek, of course).

And, Oh, btw… it has nothing to do with Recycling, for me.

However, there is something about being a single adult male, that still isn’t sure what they want to be when they grow up.  Especially at mid-life.  I mean all the people around you, are  where they are and are either “happy” or “unhappy”.  Though, most seemed resigned to where they are.  The image of this little guy in the photo, makes me say to myself “OK” … if that’s the way it is right now, it’s ok.  Resourceful!? you can’t get anymore resourceful than this Herit Crab – – let’s call him   “ Crabby“.

Of course he’s a little crabby.  He’s carrying his life around with him, and it doesn’t quite fit.    All the other crabs have nice, or less nice… but appropriate looking shells!  They fit into that wide band or berth that is acceptable.  Not only is his not the sporty new model of shell, it chafes (notice the sharp edges).  But, he is shlepping along, doing what he needs to do, and doing what it takes to get by – day by day.  Crabby can be encouraged (and metaphorically me too) by the image of Albert Einstein sitting in his Patent Office, whiling away the time, before arising with his important works, which are so important, even today.  Crabby will find just the right shell, and it will “shine” more, because of his perseverance, and perhaps his choice, at one time in his crustacean life, to take a risk – and take “the path less traveled”.  And he will do something important.  It will show on his face – and he will be nice to all crab-kind, and treat prince and pauper alike.  And, his off-spring will benefit from his modeling.

Oh, to be at mid-life and not have it all figured out.  I don’t know if it’s opportunity or torture…


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