I’ve never tho…

I’ve never thought of myself as middle aged.  Hence, I’d rather not start thinking about it now.  However, in my fifty fourth year (oooh!, that doesn’t sound good), I’m only fifty three, there are a few things that I’m not particularly happy about.  Let’s see, my physique is starting to “settle”, shall we say.  I was quite at home with how it had settled since my fortieth year, but it’s doing it again – not good.  My appetite has picked up a bit, neah, I’m ravenous, quite often; doesn’t matter much what it is. I’ll have it.  Mostly it’s the pastries and sweets that I prided myself for not caring about at all, throughout most of my life; now I care – not happy about this.

Ah, sigh, – bad dreams.  I’m having bad dreams.  Not quite nightmares, they seem longer and more realistic than nightmares and yes, life and death seem to be in the balance.  The last one took place in Maui; a place I’ll cherish for all the adventure, and human & marine life study it provided me during the 90’s .  I was simply watching a man skillfully over turning a car that had fallen from a precipice into shallow water.  He was managing it alone, seemingly with just a “line” and the jut edged lava rock beneath his feet    I thought “Bravo”.  Watching from the guardrail above I told him as much.  He urged me to be on my way, that he wasn’t interested in my congratulations.  He caught up to me in Lahaina, seemed to be following me actually.  I took no chances. I made my way out of town and in as illogical a direction as I could find. Passing clearly out of harms way, an SUV of sorts stopped, let its passenger door open and a school aged girl tumbled out trying to catch her balance but then loosing it and tripping clearly into my on-coming lane.  I swerved wildly, the ocean on my left, as I went in that direction…. looking back to see what the adult of the child would do.  I came to rest in Paia.  In a rest room the strange man caught up to me.  We talked and I told him I didn’t want any trouble.  He said that was ok, but there was someone waiting for me, and they had a gun. – The End. I woke up.  This was in just an afternoon “nap” – less than an hour.  I’m having other dreams like this, where my life is in peril – not good.

Oh, and did I mention my alergies are getting more annoying… “Oi Vey”.

Next I’ve got ideas on this comment or article by Geraldo Rivera re: the tragic shooting of a teenager, Trevon Martin, I believe.  Stay Tuned…. time for me to make the “kid” some dinner.


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