The Yin and the Yang….

Ahhhh… the satisfied feeling one gets following a  conversation with your teenage daughter about “cramps” – – yes that’s right, this previously Taboo topic for all males – much less a male called “Dad” –  has become an acceptable topic of cross gender lexicon.  Thanks to the barrage of media impressions, thrust upon us, in recent years – – in prime time I might add, for male enhancement drugs, incontinence, depression, menstruation et. al…. there are no longer any Taboo subjects 🙂 Ugh!…  However, in this case I am the happy recipient of an additional conversation with my 15 year old, which can be cherished any time it occurs.


Oh, Yes the Yang.    Why do adult  women feel the need to incessantly chew gum.  Ladies take note, no matter what your feeling about sparkling smiles or bright teeth; should you have these attributes or are pursuing them, it is all for naught if you are constantly chomping on chewing gum as though it was a normal activity to conduct in public.  Please go back and reference Emily Post … I’m pretty sure there will not be anything about the proper time or place to chew gum, in public.  That’s because its not ok.  Think about chewing gum while having a conversation, like …. chewing food and talking at the same time.  Yeah!, that’s the ticket.  “I’m just sayin”


One comment on “The Yin and the Yang….

  1. Ann says:

    If we are going to talk chewing and other oral habits, then let us touch on Chewing tobacco and snuff. now you might not come across those types in your day to day travels, but I have seen it in my travels. Nasty nasty nasty. In fact I cannot think of a more disgusting habit, with the spitting and all. Who in the world finds that attractive? I’M just sayin”

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