I got the news today …. oh boy….

However, those 15 years were during our real youth. The youth when you’re not saying “your as young as you feel”; – you’re just doing it. He passed away this weekend, but I didn’t know he was sick. His cousin called me and gave me the appropriate summary of the last 10 years…. he knew he had Lymphoma. I never did. He had the cancer beat, but his immune system was shot –  Peter told me.

You see Chris and I stayed together too long, huh, I guess that’s the best way to say it. It’s the only way I can think of to describe why I finally ran away from our friendship… The final blow; I made the mistake of going to work for him. The ending of those 3 years, pushed me away for the next 25. Now there are no more.

We had some times though! He is the dark handsome one in the photo. That was taken on just one of our adventures, in Montevideo Uruguay – – while we were both in infatuation with a couple of Uruguayan sisters whose Father was the ambassador to the United Nations. That’s how we met them, circa 1976 in Yonkers, NY.

Chris and I used to memorize Bill Cosby skits, and recite them on the T – way after hours, in Boston.  I can still see us cracking ourselves up. “Sir, have you ever had a headache?” “Have I!!!?… I had this headache, one time – it was so bad that it reached right down and it bit my knee cap Right Off! etc….”  There are others, and more.  But there wont be any new ones.  And, I wish I had stayed in touch.  But I stayed away instead.  We never should have worked together.  Maybe like spouses shouldn’t work together.  It’s too much together time.  Chris and mine’s friendship went from Middle School ’till our first 5 years in business in New York.

I’m sure he influenced me more than I him.  Although, it was nice to hear that my name came up often over the years.  He had the ideas and the charm.  But I new a good time when I saw one! After all my Mom didn’t raise any dummies.

Good Bye, Chris.

I’ll tell many more stories about our times together, over the next few days, as the news of your passing sinks in. I’ll be especially emphatic about the way they shaped my life… and I’m sure there will be a cocktail or two involved as I do.


2 comments on “I got the news today …. oh boy….

  1. Ann says:

    very bitter sweet I am sure. So sorry for your loss.

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