Just another morning in Shangri-La!

When you wake up in the morning and you know that you went to bed – 2 hours too late! Anything can happen.  However, you limp through your morning routine, knowing that, in the end, you will make it to work, and the day will normalize.  You hope.  And, unless the Universe has other plans for you.

I got out of the shower, after having done at least a couple of “dazed” 360’s, before…wondering what it is I should do first.  While coffee was the obvious answer, and should have been accomplished requiring nothing more than muscle memory.  It just wasn’t meant to be.   After filling the carafe  receptacle with the appropriate level of water, instead of pouring the water into the coffee maker (the standard process for actually making coffee), I proceeded to turn the coffee maker on and left it, to do its thing.  Upon returning from the shower and associated grooming , I came back to see that the coffee had not been made.  After staring at the carafe in disbelief – mostly at myself – I then poured the water into the “maker” (probably shaking my head simultaneously).  I then proceeded to make some ill-fated motion with my hand, emphatically knocking the “maker” to the counter top – consequently displacing all of its liquid contents onto the counter and between the chasm separating the counter and the refrigerator, and on to the floor.

After finding and utilizing assorted and various towels, and rags that had been relegated to the cleaning supplies closet, in order to soak up the mess… that just kept seeping out from under the “fridge”;  I was finally back on track – in morning routine land – albeit with 10 minutes off the clock, that we all know cannot be bought back at any price, at 6:45 in the morning.

Enter the teenager – -“What are all those towels doing on the floor?”.  These being the first unsolicited, morning conversation initiating, words  – – not prompted by myself, from my 14yr old, since August 22nd (the start of school), you can imagine my delight :).  We carried on civilly, however, and rather pleasantly thought I.

I looked in the pantry and fridge and discovered everything that I needed for my nourishment during a typical school day – – and the commensurate snacky foods for Amanda.  This was no accident. As a single male, the operation of grocery shopping in order to stave off the reflexive action of stopping everyday after school at the nearby Exxon convenience store – takes some amount of dicipline!   And, I am quite proud of the fact that this week I had done a particularly good job of satisfying nourishment and decadence needs, (a package of fig newtons and one of off-brand chocolate chip cookies, Whoo, wooo!) for both Father and daughter, as well as instituting the conservative principle of long term purchase vs. convenience spending :).  The left over pizza (yummy reminder of pizza night the evening before), banana, apple, grapes, yogurt and, yes… a couple of Fig Newtons (lest you think I’m a complete nerd) were plunked into my lunch bag!

Alas, we were on our way to school, with no discernable conflict between adult and child, and on-time, to boot! Yeah! Yippee… I had successfully navigated one of the most treacherous periods of the day – not without flaw – but fairly painlessly.  I dropped the slightly “droopy” teen at carpool outside the high school and continued on my path to the elementary school, where I conduct my business.

I parked the car and reached for my satchel….. only to find it “lite” of my lunch makings!!  Ugh!… another $10 day 😦 in the making.

No small defeat for a single Father and school teacher in the twenty first century.


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