Hello World!

You guessed it...

Well…… Ah, yes, where to start.  Well, it wasn’t the “Fall of the Roman Empire”, but it sure felt that way to me.  It wasn’t the assassination of JFK, but it may as well have been, for me.  It wasn’t the explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger, (which one, darn it ! I can’t remember…) but for me it was unfathomable.  I’m not even going to go into the myriad of sports disasters (unimaginable losses by any number of NY Giants, Yankees or Rangers teams since the ’60s)  – that it wasn’t; but separation from my now ex-wife, with a 10 year old little girl, in the balance – “cracked my civilization”.

Seems like a long time ago now… somehow all the pain went away and has evolved into new life which I am navigating, while learning as much from my new teenager, as I am teaching.  This would not have been imaginable in my parents day; the give and take, the inappropriate attitude – at times, the plain old – – losing it, once in a great while….but I am learning.  And, I have more smiles, more loving thoughts, more creative ideas, and I have eaten more “humble pie” than I ever could have imagined.

Stick around or just come “visit once in a while “(did I mention random songs running through my head – Todd Rundgren).  By the time I tell you all the important things about this “Learning Curve” I’m going through, with my daughter – and my life, I will probably have successfully narrowed down the readers here to a solid critical mass.  Then all 12 of us can go out for a cocktail someplace and have a grand ole’ time!


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